Based in New York, we are a leading IT management and consulting company, registered member under the IBM Partnerworld offering. With over 5 years of service under our belt, we have vast experience of recommending and re-selling the products of our partners and major tech brands such as Authorized Partner with Intel McAfee SMB Solutions, Reseller Partner with Microsoft and Symantec Security Solutions. OneCare is also an Intel Software Partner.

Here at OneCare Software & IT Solutions, Inc., our online store offers an array of high-value computers & electronics, PC tools & accessories, and software & applications; providing everything you will need to fulfill your IT needs. From our experience of listening to consumer needs in the IT market, we’ve also understood the demand for on-site repair services. This can be a subsidized service arranged with our expert team.

Along with the demand for the repair of branded IT products, our specialists acknowledged the requirement for small business IT management services. This has been implemented and is offered to all of our business clients. Within our clientele offering we provide in-home or in-house care and maintenance services, whichever suits your requirements greater. We additionally offer hardware part replacements or tear down, hardware maintenance, IT infrastructure support, and the storage and recovery of data. We understand how vital acquiring a secure network to work from for your business is, therefore, security is a priority within our service.

Over time, our IT expertise have further developed, providing our OneCare Software & IT Solutions, Inc. team with the ability to offer firewall and security for IT infrastructure, cloud backup and server management; ensuring that a 360 IT service can be offered under one roof.

We understand how overwhelming and challenging selecting and managing IT solutions can be for those with little tech experience. With that said, we continue to boost our industry knowledge and offering to ensure that our service reflects the quality of our world-class branded products. Additionally, we ensure that our company mission of providing seamless IT solutions, following the latest technological trends and demands is maintained and present in all customer communications. This, along with our customer service sets us apart from other US based IT retailers and providers.

Whether you are searching for a simple home laptop purchase, or require fully integrated IT network and infrastructural support, our expert team are on hand to cater to your needs. Our years of experience and knowledge progression provides us with the ability to fulfill any of your IT needs, providing peace of mind that OneCare Software & IT Solutions, Inc. can excel in a 360-technology focused service.

To get to know our company, products and services further, click here However, if you do require guidance on the best product or service for your needs, get in touch with our 24/7 team of experts on 1877-660-0728.