Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 1st april 2019


  • How do I look for the product I want using its name?

Enter both the product name and its model number in the search tab and click “Search.” If the results don’t give you the exact product you are looking for, try an alternative spelling of the product. You can also look for the product by using the product description or a combination of keywords. Make sure the product name is written correctly, inserting spaces where they are needed and making sure it is well spelt.

  • How do I search for the product using keywords?

To search the product using a keyword, make a good selection of a phrase or a group of phrases and type them in the search tab. These words should clearly show what you are looking for. For example, if you want to look for the best printers, just pick “printers” and enter it in the search bar and click the search button. To narrow down your search to a more specific product, use a combination of relevant words. Think about what type of words may be displayed on the search pages you are interested in. In addition, try to utilise several pursuit words in your search. The more pursuit phrases you employ, the higher a probability of related inquiry, and the more precise the outcome is.


  • How do I place an order online?

The process of placing an order is not complicated. Start by selecting the “Add to Cart” button to save the items you want to buy in your cart for future purchases. You can add as many items in your cart as you want until the order is completed. After you have selected all the products you want to buy and added them in your cart, tap on the “Cart Icon” on the top right corner. You can click on the “View Cart” icon to view and manage your selected products in your cart. If everything is correct and you don’t need to modify your order, proceed and click on “Checkout” button. This directs you to the checkout process where you are supposed to provide the following details: billing details, delivery details, the method of payment and delivery method. Then click on confirm icon to place the order. If you want to make further purchases from OneCare store, click on the “Continue” icon found on the right bottom side.

  • How do I place an order using my phone?

If you want to place an order using your phone, you may reach us through 1800-240-4349. We have supportive associates who will listen to you and provide quick, and personalised assistance.

  • Is it possible to make adjustments to my order?

If you have not tampered with your product and it is in its original form, or not yet delivered, there are few enhancements we can make such as size and colour. If you need to make any change, contact our staff through 1800-240-4349 as soon as possible to for us to be able to undertake these improvements. In addition, you can see the instructions provided to cancel the order and place a new order of the product with the necessary changes. It is important to note that our team is dedicated to delivering client’s orders as fast as possible immediately they place an order. In this way, if you have requested some changes on order, the order status changes to processing, and our specialists may not be able to delete or add items to your cart once the processing of the order is completed.


  • Why should I sign up an account to be able to buy products?

If you sign up an account with OneCare store, you get access to enjoy more features which are not there in guest account. With a registered account, you can save various billing and shipping addresses. Besides, this information is requested only once. As a registered account owner, you can see and manage all the details such as wish list, transactions, return requests, order history and reward points. You are also able to track product shipment. Another feature you enjoy is that the cart that you have filed and failed to finish is saved automatically so that you can retrieve it whenever you need to proceed with placing orders.

  • How can I set a strong password for my OneCare Store account?

You can set a strong password by including 3-20 characters. To ensure the security of your account, make sure that your password is a combination of numbers, upper case, lower case, and unique characters. You can make it stronger by including whitespace, though it is not always necessary. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive. That means the lower case and upper case are two different things. As such, utilise different capitalisation and letter combination.

  • What if I cannot remember the password for my account and I need to change it?

If you forgot your password OneCare store account password, you can use the email you signed up the account with to recover it. Simply visit the Forgot Password page. In the field that pops up, type the account email address. After some minutes, you will receive an email containing the guidelines to change your old password. Follow the prompts and choose a new password to use. Whenever you forget your OneStore password, repeat the process.


  • What is the process of signing up for the Exclusive OneCare Store Newsletter?

The only way to get updates from OneCare store is by signing up for a OneCare store email newsletter. However, you can only subscribe to this newsletter if you are already a registered member and have an operative OneStore account. For the newbies, you can sign up for the newsletter during the account registration process. If you already own an account, log in back to your account and click on “Subscribe/Unsubscribe to OneCare store newsletter” and then select the “Yes” icon to subscribe to our newspaper.


  • What is OneCare Store Privacy Policy?

The privacy of all our users is a priority to us. Therefore, we don’t leak or voluntarily give the data we collect from you to any third party. The information we get from you is explicitly used in the processing of your orders and send emails to you at your solicitation. Kindly navigate through our privacy policy to learn more on our company privacy policy.

  • What actions do you implement to avoid fraudulent card activities?

At OneCare store, we have put the necessary technology to detect any form of fraud. Together with our payment associates consistently track on transactions for any scrupulous activity and have set manual verification mechanisms that are hard to evade. If we cannot monitor and get rid of the possibility of fraud, we suspend the transaction and ask the customer to give us his/her identification documents to ascertain that the right owner of the account is making the purchases.


  • Does owning a OneCare Store account make things *more* remarkable?

Yes, it does. Having an active OneCare store account gives you an opportunity to do the following things: save a number of shipping and billing addresses, track order status, request for return, manage order history, add items to wishlist and cart in order to buy them later, etc.

  • What should I do to change my password in case I forget it?

Whether you cannot remember your account password or you need to change it, go to Password page to reset it. An email with password-reset instructions will be delivered to the email you used to register the account. Open it and follow the guidelines to generate a new password.

  • How can I edit my OneCare Store profile?

It is easy. Login in back to your OneCare store account and select “My account” You will see “Edit my OneCare store account info.” In this section, you can modify your email address, first name, second name, and contact information. You can also edit your address, wish list and account password.


  • The product I received is faulty; what should I do?

If you ordered a product and unfortunately you found it is defective or damaged, we allow you a maximum of four weeks from the date of product delivery to return the product. You should first contact our help centre through 1800-240-4349 or email us via

  • How can I order from OneCare Store?

Place an order online by calling OneCare store. Note that, we don’t accept orders placed through emails. You can pay your order using either credit card, debit card or via PayPal.

  • Do I get a message that my order has been confirmed or not?

Yes. If the order is placed successfully, we send you a “success” SMS “Your order has been confirmed” on the same order page.

  • Will I get notified to confirm the shipment?

Yes. We will inform you when the shipment process is ready via confirmation email sent to your email address.

  • My product was not delivered, what is the next course of action now?

The normal shipment period of ordered products is 1-14 days. If there is a delay in delivery of your order, please reach our customer care support for help.


  • What is the process of checking out of OneCare Store?

If you have a gift voucher or coupon code, you can use them to get more discount on your ordered products.

  • Got to Checkout option:

If you are a registered client, you only need to follow four simple checkout steps. However, for unregistered users with OneCare store, you should use guest checkout. You will have to provide details about yourself to go through the 6-step checkout process

  • Feed in your billing address:

Feed in your billing address. If you use same shipping and billing address, you will be re-directed to fill method of delivery and continue.

  • Pick a delivery option:

Here, you should give us the shipping address where you need your product to be delivered to. If you use a different address for shipping and billing purposes, untick the box “My billing and delivery addresses are the same” and then give us the delivery address. Tap on the “Continue” tab to confirm all the details you have provided are correct.

  • Choose payment method:

You should select the payment method you are most comfortable with to use in your purchases. Always confirm if you have entered the correct details of your payments to avoid unnecessary delays in the checkout process.

  • Confirmed order.

To finalise your product purchase, you should confirm the order by clicking on the “Confirm Order” button.

  • What is the limit number of coupon codes and gift vouchers I can use at OneCare Store checkout?

You can use only one gift voucher or coupon to realise some discounts on the items on your cart.

  • What should I do to receive OneCare Store discounts and promotion codes?

To receive coupons and promotional codes from OneCare store, you should first subscribe to OneCare store newsletter. By doing so, you will continuously receive updated from OneCare store through your registered email.


  • How do I reach you in case I want to inquire about my product order?

You can reach our customer care services through 1800-240-4349 or email us via


  • What does the Return Policy of OneCare Store state?

If you have to return an item, you should follow the return process offered by our store. Start by requesting a request return identifier from OneCare store in order to initiate and finalise the return process. You can go to our Return Policy page to read more.

  • What should I do to return a product?

If you have to return an item ordered from our store, start by requesting Return Merchandise authorization Identifier. We usually take a day to come up with the return request number upon your request. Once we have this number, we take 1-14 days to handle our client’s request claim.

  • My friend sent me a gift, can I return it?

Yes. But you need to call our staff for help. If you provide to us the email location, zip code and the first and last name of the gift giver, we can process the return request.

  • How much time do returns take to process?

OneCare store offers 30-days warranty. The return process usually requires the generation of return request number which takes one day and then additional fourteen days to process the return claim.

  • How long does it take your company to produce a Return Request number?

It takes us a day to produce a return request number for any product.


  • How do I pay for the products I order from OneCare Store, and what payment methods you accept?

OneCare accepts a variety of payment methods. Whatever online payment method you choose to use, OneCare guarantees our clients maximum protection. We employ high tech data security to make your transaction details as confidential as possible. You can choose to use credit and debit cards or PayPal which are all securely processed.


  • Will I be deducted sales tax?

No. the sales tax is included in the final price of the product you purchase.


  • How can I check my current product order?

You can track your current product order in the “Order history” section of your OneCare account. Here you can manage your order status, billing amounts, product’s order ID, date of order and the total number of ordered products.

  • How can I track my purchase history?

To manage the history of your purchases, tap on “Transaction” tab to get detailed Info such as the amount of transaction, date and order description.